The Next Generation of IoT Management: Introducing SOTI Connect v1.2

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This blog was updated on 04/22/2024

SOTI is proud to announce the newest release of our Internet of Things (IoT) management solution: SOTI Connect v1.2.


SOTI Connect is built using a data-driven architecture. This means new, IoT-enabled devices can be quickly supported, configured and deployed once the device has been certified for use with SOTI Connect.


SOTI Connect also supports numerous printers and sensors, provides robust management capabilities, and automates the monitoring and maintenance of your IoT-enabled device fleet.



What’s New in SOTI Connect v1.2?

For any business in any industry – including retail, healthcare, transportation and logistics (T&L), field services and emergency services – the new features of SOTI Connect v1.2 are designed to help you lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your IoT network.

Support for Limited Access Sensors

  • SOTI Connect now supports various sensor types, sizes and shapes, such as temperature sensors, environmental sensors and push-and-pull sensors used to gather and communicate data.
  • Upload timed fields that manage the frequency of communication and collection of data, thus giving you up-to-date visibility into the status and performance of your sensor deployments.

Device Level Management

  • SOTI Connect provides the ability to manage “dumb” devices (those without onboard processors or actuators) and “smart” devices with extensive capabilities and management requirements.

SMS Messaging

  • SOTI Connect v1.2 now sends SMS messages via rules to any SMS-enabled device around the globe in a reliable, cost-effective manner.

Device Log Pulls

  • SOTI Connect provides a centralized solution to collect device data and status information which can then be made available to analytics tools.

OEM Printer Integration

SOTI Connect now integrates with the following original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of industrial barcode and RFID printers, retail receipt printers and mobile barcode/receipt printers:

SOTI Connect v1.2 Gives You More Control Over Your IoT

The new features and capabilities of SOTI Connect v1.2 gives you more flexibility in choosing and implementing the right IoT solution for your needs. You also gain more confidence knowing your IoT devices can effectively be managed.


SOTI Connect enables managed service providers (MSPs) to avoid costly, time-consuming shipping of problematic IoT devices for tech support and servicing. By accessing the device remotely – from anywhere in the world – SOTI Connect identifies issues, pulls logs and performs remediation.


SOTI Connect v1.2 also solves the common pain points you may experience:


Lack of visibility into trends and behaviours of IoT-enabled devices including directly addressing printer and sensor management challenges.

Device analysis is conducted via regular communications and data storage. Alerts are immediately sent when an issue is detected.

Downtime of business-critical devices that are unattended and unmanaged.

Regular communications and alerts identify the problem, and rules are used to notify the right people.

Securing remote devices is difficult and often requires tech support to manually manage onsite via USB.

SOTI Connect can remotely update certificates on devices, removing the need for a service call.

Difficultly maintaining the proper configuration of many IoT-enabled devices as they move around an organization.

Automatic enrollment and configuration enforcement keep devices connected even after they have been relocated.

More About SOTI Connect

Click to view the SOTI Connect Brochure and Data Sheet: